Ordinary people - Extraordinary courage

A Totally New and Original Musical Play


Theatre or Choral Performance?

The creators of this musical play wish to establish that, with the exception of those appearing in an accurate historical context, all characters and all scenarios in this fictional work are imaginary. Any resemblance to any real persons, living or deceased, is entirely coincidental. 'Of Heroic Hearts' is a Trade Mark of Alan Garmonsway and Paul Cawte.



The year is 1915 and a young married couple's life is turned upside down. Ed Wilkins has volunteered for Kitchener's Army to fight in Europe whilst his wife Kitty is left at home in London to manage on her own.

Ed's journey takes him and his old school friend Jimmy Pierce from training camp, through France meeting folk such as 'Runners' and 'Claykickers' along the way and eventually to the front line of the Somme and its aftermath. A compelling tale of Ed and Kitty, our story starts and finishes in the present day with the discovery of their letters by great niece, Young Kate. this leads to the final message of the importance of Remembrance for today's generations.

Of HEROIC HEARTS                             

Whatever your resources or inclination, 'Of Heroic Hearts     ' has the capacity to be performed in a number of different ways. In a choral setting, a narrator and soloists can deliver the stageplay in a more theatrical setting, costume and singing actors can take to the stage. Either way, the whole performance can be supplemented with backdrop slides.

Also, it can be performed either with music backing track or with a discrete group of instrumentalists.

In a school setting, the historical accuracy of the stageplay also allows it to be used as a learning resource as well.

The Show...