Eleven New & Original Songs

Our Demo CD

The creators of this musical play wish to establish that, with the exception of those appearing in an accurate historical context, all characters and all scenarios in this fictional work are imaginary. Any resemblance to any real persons, living or deceased, is entirely coincidental. 'Of Heroic Hearts' is a Trade Mark of Alan Garmonsway and Paul Cawte.

Our demo CD was recorded recently and contains all of the songs from the show, abbreviated narration to keep the storyline flowing and is a complete work in its own right. Copies are available to parties with a keen interest and potential serious commitment in commercialising either the cd or the show.

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We feature some well known solo singers from the South of England as well as members of the popular Cantorum choir, led by John Timewell. Also, excellent contributions from Martin Maynard and Sarah Love at 'Sounds Good' who managed sound recording/engineering and graphic design.

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A key ingredient of the show are the eleven original songs which lead us through the story. They are split into four sections:-

  • The Beginnings; establishing the context of the story from different perspectives,
  • Ed's Journey; the people Ed meets on his journey through France,
  • The Battle; the emotions of the front line,
  • Remembrance; the aftermath of battle and the link to the present day.

Each song is crafted for soloists/ensemble and each reflects a very different aspect of the story.

The Music...


Ordinary people - Extraordinary courage

A Totally New and Original Musical Play