Ordinary people - Extraordinary courage

A Totally New and Original Musical Play


Of HEROIC HEARTS                             


- Agents and publishers - an opportunity to commercialise this newly created topical work.

- Interested groups and organisations - an opportunity to be part of performing or promoting this original work.


- A 65 minute one-act musical play  about a young couple's life in World War I and its impact on remembrance today.

- Eleven original songs  which tell the story of Ed and Kitty Wilkins and Ed's journey into battle.

- A 45 minute demo CD with  all the songs.

- Original stageplay  between and during songs that can be either acted or narrated.

- Slideshow backdrop  and musical backing track/musical score to the performance.



Of HEROIC HEARTS      is a unique opportunity to commercialise a new, completely original  and topical musical play about World War One and remembrance today...


  • A story of Ed and his wife Kitty Wilkins in 1916, Ed's volunteering for Kitchener's new army and his journey to the Somme.
  • The people Ed meets on his way to the front line, including the likes of 'Runners' and 'Claykickers', and the letters he exchanges with Kitty back at home.
  • Our story starts and finishes in the present day, with a strong message of Remembrance for today's generations.
  • A 45 minute CD or a one act play of around 65 minutes in length, eleven original songs linked together through a storyline of either narration or acting.
  • A flexible format allows for stage acting or choral performances.
  • Fully supported with backing track, music score, script, stage directions and background slides.