Paul Cawte

Lyrics, Stageplay, Historical Advisor

With a background in marketing and consultancy, Paul has spent his professional life developing compelling messages and producing marketing campaigns. This, together with his substantial interest in matters both musical and historical, has given him a unique perspective on creating lyrics, stageplay and the accurate historical perspective on 'Of Heroic Hearts'.

With his background in marketing, Paul can combine his creative achievements with commercialising our musical play.

Alan Garmonsway

Musical Composition and Arrangements, Occasional Lyrics, Website

Alan hails from a family of classical musicians in the North East of England, but went his own way and has played keyboards and guitar in many acoustic and rock bands. Supporting a number of top bands, he also has a number of solo albums to his name, writing, recording and playing his own original material.

Alan's recording credits also include contributions to The Palers' project, internationally recognised for recreating the songs of Procol Harum. Apart from songwriting, Alan has played blues in venues in  places like Chicago, San Francisco and Vancouver and currently plays solo gigs in the UK and France.

Drew Thomas

Lyrics for 'Harvest of the Drum'

Drew has a significant background in musical theatre in the South- East of England. He wrote the lyrics for one of the pivotal songs of the show and it was performed as part of the live acoustic scene before being developed for this musical production.

The Creators...

Ordinary people - Extraordinary courage

A Totally New and Original Musical Play